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Building an emotionally self-aware brand: Part 1

August 2, 2015

For a couple of projects, I realized that my default process for creating a brand identity was inconsistent with my process for building user empathy. I want to craft a brand experience with the same acquity as the UX itself. I want to have the same kind of model for my brand as I have for my user since I'll be creating their interactions based on my assumptions of each of them. For the same reason we wouldn't be satisfied with a user persona having only a photo and a few needs, we need an operational empathy model for our brand so we know how to bring it to life.

To rectify this (and in a way that is easy to replicate in future projects), I developed a 7 step process that elicites the same kinds of information we'd uncover during user research about our brand. Feel free to email me with thoughts as I don't have comments setup here (yet).

My blog!

July 19, 2015


I'm finally adding one here, so resources, events and jewels of insight will be combined and viewable alongside what I've done. Hell, I might even post requests for feedback here for side projects.
live blogging

source: AlmostMakesSense

What inspired this addition...

This feature was made possible by Kevin Mark's Noter live, which makes live blogging on any website easier.

I learned about Noter Live at the July 15th Homebrew Website Club in San Francisco. I was inspired by the emergence of new capabilities brought together by the community at IndieWeb Camp 2015 for p2p routing of posts, shares, likes and comments between any domain rather than only through the UI of default social networking sites.

A number of opensource components from different contributors made this functionality accessible for the first time. It will be exciting to add more features to this interactive portion of the site as I discover them through IndieWeb or dream it up myself as needs arise. I look forward to this type of interaction around topics related to culture, technology, design and the state of humanity.


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