My Ideal Job

My Ideal Job

Reflecting on my 7+ years in the field, here's a description of my ideal next role.


Who I’d like to work with

I enjoy working with mission-driven organizations where teams consciously evolve their work practices to this ends.  The size and stage of the organization aren’t as important as the team’s knowledge of their own design process and openness to evolving it together.

What I’d like my work to support

I’m aligned with projects that help people live fuller, healthier lives and/or that help transition the economy into an ecological balance within the context of a sustainable business model.

How I’d like to achieve this

I like to work on products that help people work together more effectively to accomplish a collective goal. I’d like to be able to leverage my experience with research, design and testing methods that map team dynamics and inform designing for team success. I’m also excited about designing data visualization to support people’s decision-making in their workflow. 

Where do I want to be located

I’m currently interested in a remote, contract with some travel. I work best with a split of onsite and offsite work depending on the nature of the tasks and extent of remote culture.

When I’m available

I'm currently engaged in a full time project but feel free to reach out. I'm open to conversations about possible, future collaborations!

I’m passionate about testing the limits of how user experience design can be applied to solve a problem. To create this path, I’ve seen best results when teams are interested and able to discover this together through the design process. This level of collaboration makes showing up for work feel invigorating and creates a sense of progress on different levels. I’m excited to continue to help cultivate this!