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One Degree World

One Degree World is a white-label travel booking product that gives membership organizations the ability to sell their travel content to members at discounted prices. I worked with One Degree World’s test customer, Deals.Vegas, to redesign a Las Vegas hotel booking experience. The goal of the redesign was to convey a discount travel value proposition in the user experience. The new design received positive feedback during testing with Las Vegas travelers.

Proto persona from Stakeholder Interviews

I interviewed stakeholders on the client team who had decades of experience working in the Las Vegas travel industry. I synthesized the information from these conversations into a proto persona to help guide the design process.

Site user .png

User Journey Map

I created this user journey to help inform the prototype design. It provides context about the user so that the design can better reflect what the user needs in the best way possible and at the right time.

User Journey for Carolyn booking a Las Vegas trip with her friends

Interactive Prototype & Testing

I used this prototype to test the design with Las Vegas travelers waiting at their airport gate to better zero in on their travel behaviors and needs. The click path in the prototype is for booking a Vegas trip July 13th through 15th with three friends at the Aria with an added show. The interactive prototype is a balance between existing travel booking paradigms and design elements that support the client’s unique value proposition of member-based travel discounts.

Test Results

During testing, users gave positive feedback at points in the flow that gave them more confidence they were getting the best possible price.